Copperheads, Garters and Mothballs

Well, its mating season in the snake world, and yesterday I saw two copperheads and one large garter snake wedged between two cedar planters next to my driveway.  Naturally I freaked out a bit. Mind you, I like the non-poisonous snakes like garters, black snakes and corn snakes.  They eat rodents.  Unfortunately they also eat lizards and frogs (and toads?? — the population has seemed a bit thin this year).  But copperheads?  Not so much.  They are venomous and scary (at least to me).  So after snapping some photos with my cell phone, checking the internet to verify my hunch, and  calling up a local humane pest removal service, I determined that I just needed to be careful to look before I leapt (or gardened or walked around in bare feet or left the kitchen door open or . . . ).  I also determined that I would give the old wives tale a try and went out and bought out the local CVS mothball supply, which I sprinkled around the planters.  Some people swear by this deterrent; others ridicule it. I guess we will see who is right!