Painted Floor Dreaming, Again

Painted Floor Dreaming, Again

I’ve been wanting to rip up the ghastly (and dirty) carpeting in my upstairs rooms since forever. It’s finally happening, at least in the hallway, and I hope, the master bedroom, which is just about the same dreamy color as this lovely picture. I can’t remember where I got it from, but its been stored in my fantasy file for some time.

The carpet overlays linoleum (!) over heart pine that was never varnished or polyurethaned. I’ve had the linoleum tested and it doesn’t contain any asbestos, remarkably, so I should be able to remove it. At the edges, it looks like it will come up in rather large sheets, with the paper underneath and the glue rather degraded.

Its going to be a messy job, but I can’t wait to get started. I go back and forth about trying to refinish the floor or just paint it, but given the tack strip and the probability of stains I’m pretty sure that paint it will be. I love the clean look of this white. What do you think?

Kitchen Floor Update

OK.  So I am a little bit (lotta bit?) undecided about the kitchen floor.  Still sourcing the reclaimed heart pine but also thinking about painted floors.  Don’t these look dandy?

(All photos courtesy of Cottage Living)

So . . . I’m thinking about brightening up my kitchen with a nice new painted floor instead of the heart pine . . . pics to follow after I’ve actually done the dishes and vacuumed the floor 😉