Bathroom Door Hardware

For one whole year after the new master bath was done there was no door to the bedroom because I was waiting to find a five panel salvaged door to match all the others in the house.  Then my neighbors bought and renovated the little house between our two and kindly gave me two doors.  However, as you can see, the door had yucky cheapo hardware installed by my handyman until I found just the right thing. And it doesn’t even fit, but hey, it closes the door (sorta).

Yucky ill-fitting doorknob

So today I found a wonderful website, House of Antique Hardware,  that has just what I need to cover up that extra hole and look fantastic.  And they have hinges too!  So, two of these babies will be ordered, one for the master and one for the downstairs bath that is getting a makeover in chrome.  Won’t these look swell!

(It will be in chrome in my installation.)

And they have hinges, too, and all sorts of other beautiful hardware for period or even more modern homes.  When my new front door arrives I’ll source the hinges and backplate here (I already have the doorknobs I want).

Bathroom Mirror

I’m in the process of converting all of the brass fixtures in my downstairs bathroom to chrome.  That brass is looking oh so twenty years ago… so what to do about the mirror?  I really like its size and shape, and even how it has aged in the corners.

But it is, admittedly, VERY GOLD.  So, how about a tiny painting project?  Using the sample I got for the kitchen floor and some of the paint I used to sponge paint the walls a couple of years ago I sanded, painted, sanded to get the following look:

Which in close up looks like this:

I think I just saved myself some money 🙂

Painted Floor Part 2

OK.  I’ve really fallen in love with the patterned painted floor from yesterday’s post.  After getting a paint sample at Home Depot (gotta love those little samples for $2.95) and then playing with the Behr website virtual design studio I think I have decided.  Here are the colors I picked out:

my kitchen color scheme

From bottom to top — Vermont cream is my trim paint –it’s a lovely creamy white used throughout my house; cottage white on the walls; light rattan porch paint as the floor base with Vermont cream squares and (top color) traditional tan tiny squares at the corner. Kind of like the picture from yesterday. . . and oh — cabinets are 20 year old Ikea creamy white beadboard:

and counter is slate gray procelain tile bounded by inch thick oak (that needs a refinish –also on the to do list):

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Stained Glass Project

Photo from Nor’east Architectural Salvage

Imagine this color glass. (I know it is probably clear in reality, but I’m going for the pale lavendar color it appears to be). Imagine two nice big panes on ebay.  Imagine a guest bathroom that is painted a mauvy/lavendary/purply color from several years ago at Restoration Hardware.  Imagine that the antique glass panes could be made into something totally cool for little or nothing and hung in front of the window over the antique tub.  I imagined all of that, bought the glass for $40 and now I have to figure out how to make this project happen!! I’ll keep you posted.

Kitchen Floor Update

OK.  So I am a little bit (lotta bit?) undecided about the kitchen floor.  Still sourcing the reclaimed heart pine but also thinking about painted floors.  Don’t these look dandy?

(All photos courtesy of Cottage Living)

So . . . I’m thinking about brightening up my kitchen with a nice new painted floor instead of the heart pine . . . pics to follow after I’ve actually done the dishes and vacuumed the floor 😉

Heart Pine Flooring

I spent way too much time yesterday surfing for info on flooring options for my old house.  The kitchen floor is desperately in need of some TLC, but it sure is hard to find replacement 2 1/2 inch heart pine.  It seems as if everyone wants wide boards or 2000 square feet.  After toying with the idea of painting the floor and not worrying about what the replacement boards were I found this article: Flooring Options for Period Homes which suggested that painted floors were quite common for less public rooms like bedrooms. My kitchen might be the most public room in my house!

Old House Online has a great set of links for period flooring sources which I wish I had known about before I spent hours looking on my own!

Antique heart pine, contrary to popular belief, is as hard a flooring option as oak and was used at Mount Vernon, Monticello and virtually every home until about 100 years or so ago when oak became a popular choice.  Now, finding reclaimed heart pine means saving flooring from homes about to be demolished or barns and factories suffering the same fates.  Some old growth heart pine is reclaimed from logs submerged in rivers.

Back in the day these floors were usually either left bare, rubbed with linseed oil or varnished.  Today polyurethane finishes or tung oil are the most popular choices.

If I can get the heart pine I want I will try to get the kitchen floors refinished by a non-sanding method.  See an example here. I’d love to replace the yucky wall-to-wall upstairs, but that will have to wait. . .