Kitchen Window Casing

It occurred to me that I should have the window and door casing redone before I painted the floor, so this morning Mr. R stripped the old casing and measured for the new, which will match what is in the rest of the house (at least what has been put in by me — the old casing is different in almost every room, sometimes with two profiles in one room! — Gotta love old houses and their quirks . . .).

From this:

window after the old flat casing was removed

To this:

casing profile in the "new" old areas

More pics tomorrow!

Decluttering Redux

Wow!  what a difference just letting go makes!  My inner Red Queen went to town last night in the kitchen and my local thrift store will be the beneficiary.  Gone:  reproduction jelly cabinet, armchair with woven seat, innumerable tchochkes that lived inside the jelly cabinet.  Now the pie safe has pride of place.

Pie Safe

The wonderful Mr. R, my indispensable handyman, will be repairing/replacing the rotten floor boards and very, very soon I will have lovely new “vermont cream” painted floors. More after the jump . . .

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Copperheads, Garters and Mothballs

Well, its mating season in the snake world, and yesterday I saw two copperheads and one large garter snake wedged between two cedar planters next to my driveway.  Naturally I freaked out a bit. Mind you, I like the non-poisonous snakes like garters, black snakes and corn snakes.  They eat rodents.  Unfortunately they also eat lizards and frogs (and toads?? — the population has seemed a bit thin this year).  But copperheads?  Not so much.  They are venomous and scary (at least to me).  So after snapping some photos with my cell phone, checking the internet to verify my hunch, and  calling up a local humane pest removal service, I determined that I just needed to be careful to look before I leapt (or gardened or walked around in bare feet or left the kitchen door open or . . . ).  I also determined that I would give the old wives tale a try and went out and bought out the local CVS mothball supply, which I sprinkled around the planters.  Some people swear by this deterrent; others ridicule it. I guess we will see who is right!


Have you ever just looked at a space in your home that has been that way for a thousand years (ok — maybe five or ten or two) and just thought “off with their heads” when you looked at those collectibles you lovingly added over time?  This morning I woke up, channeled my inner Red Queen, and decided to edit, edit, edit in my kitchen.  Less is more!

From Country Living

Doesn’t this pared down kitchen look swell!

Country Living

It has been interesting to search for painted kitchen floors as I make my decision about my own beat up heart pine (see previous posts), and to really think about how design trends and the realities of family life and finances merge (or don’t!).  So many shelter mags and design blogs feature beautiful, expensive and often sterile environments. I live in a modest old farmhouse which will always have ants in the early summer, mice in the late fall and those pesky stink bugs year round.


I have dogs, and they bring in mulch from the garden, put their dirty paws on the furniture, and regularly bury their food (or try to) under the kitchen mat.

quilts make a nice dog bed, grrr.

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Painted Floor Part 2

OK.  I’ve really fallen in love with the patterned painted floor from yesterday’s post.  After getting a paint sample at Home Depot (gotta love those little samples for $2.95) and then playing with the Behr website virtual design studio I think I have decided.  Here are the colors I picked out:

my kitchen color scheme

From bottom to top — Vermont cream is my trim paint –it’s a lovely creamy white used throughout my house; cottage white on the walls; light rattan porch paint as the floor base with Vermont cream squares and (top color) traditional tan tiny squares at the corner. Kind of like the picture from yesterday. . . and oh — cabinets are 20 year old Ikea creamy white beadboard:

and counter is slate gray procelain tile bounded by inch thick oak (that needs a refinish –also on the to do list):

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