About This Blog

Hi.  This blog is about living in a nearly 100 year old farmhouse near the beautiful Great Falls of the Potomac.  As its steward I am constantly adapting her to life in the 21st century and myself to life in a sweet but sometimes demanding old lady.  All things related are fair game:  historic preservation, sourcing for renovation, organic gardening, healthy cooking, all manner of projects related to the lifestyle of a busy woman who learns more from the patience required in dealing with her house than she would like to admit!!

The house was originally built in 1915, but — like so many of her vintage– additions came over time, including most recently a new master and guest bath begun in 2006 (and finally finished in 2009).  I have lived in the house since 1991, raising two children, various pets, and many flowers and vegetables.  My life is an ongoing work-in-progress as is this house!!

4 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Love your site and your almost 100 year old house. And love the “work-in-progress” life. There is no other way to go! Thanks for signing up for Grow So Easy Organic! Please feel free to comment, add tips and if you feel like it, send recipes. I will include them!!

  2. I just finished reading a lot of your posts and I wanted to hit the ‘like’ buttons on so many of them but my computer isn’t loading them on the blogs tonight. You have a great site here!

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