Holiday Greetings

Happy Winter Solstice to all! No matter your faith or lack thereof, the official start of winter (at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere) brings a chance to regroup and become grounded in preparation for a burst of new growth as the hours of daylight increase day by day.

With Christmas only three days away, I know many of you are becoming

IMG_1094and instead of feeling like IMG_1089
you are feeling like

IMG_1088because you have been decorating the tree

IMG_1092cleaning up the yard in preparation for lights, camera and Santa action

IMG_1086Wrapping presents

IMG_1090and baking lots of goodies.

2013-06-16 20.42.05But take a deep breath, and remember, that the greatest holiday gift of all is



To my Jewish friends, Happy Hanukkah and to all of my readers, I wish you health, happiness and peace in the New Year.


5 thoughts on “Holiday Greetings

  1. So it is….thank you for reminding me that peace is one of the reasons we celebrate at this time of year. I hope your family has a happy holiday and that 2015 is filled with life and love!

  2. I just discovered your blog from a comment left on “For the Love of a House”. My first reaction when I began reading was, “Wow, this gal can write; I wonder if she is a teacher.” As I began reading past posts I discovered that yes, you are a retired teacher and that the excellent writing is consistent in your entries, not just a one time thing. Now I look forward to future posts and to traveling backward in time to read more of your blog. I did find the recap of your first year of retirement and noted the many similarities with my first year; I am older (72) but also a retired teacher and loved reliving some of the first-year-of-no-school experiences. Thanks for writing and I look forward to following your adventures.

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