Kitchen Cabinets Are Done!

Well, the kitchen cabinets came back on Thursday, all was put back together on Friday, and here are the results (pardon the hasty, pretty terrible pics… better ones later):

The kitchen looks much brighter; everything looks refreshed and updated, even though nothing else was changed.

We’ve decided to wait on the countertops since we find our 12 X 12 grey porcelain tile with a two inch oak wood border to be very practical. Because the tiles are large there are few grout lines, and because they are matte finish porcelain they have a number of advantages: heat resistance; stain resistance, ease of clean up; great for pastry rolling; we love the color. The grout lines are a little wonky but could be redone.

If we do decide to change them we have agreed on good ole honed Carrera marble. It’s “hot” right now, which puts me off a bit, but after falling in love with it on our trip to Italy where it is EVERYWHERE, that would still probably be our choice. I heart soapstone, but Mr. D nixed that, and, it would be darker. We both hate a shiny countertop …  too much glare. Mr. D. in particular is a messy cook, so a honed marble will no doubt etch and stain, but we like patina and live in a  house that is nothing but patina. In any event, we are ready to cook turkey!

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