Being a Tourist on Your Home Turf

I’ve often felt as if I give the city I live in (ok, 10 miles outside of) short shrift. Traveling around the world I photograph and explore, but I often forget or choose not to take my camera when I’m in D.C.  Or at least I used to, until I got a tiny but mighty pocket camera that is no bigger than an iPhone and much higher quality, my trusty Canon S110, purchased for about $250 after the newer  S120 came out recently at twice the price.  It’s now my constant companion.

This weekend has seen Indian Summer  weather in the nation’s capitol.  Mr. D and I decided to do an urban explore without any particular destination in mind.  We took the new silver line metro to the Eastern Market stop and just walked.  We were both truly surprised by the gentrification around the Marine Barracks / Eastern Market / 8th Street area, which is now filled with outdoor cafes and stores catering to young families and hip singles. After browsing through the outdoor stalls and the indoor market itself and getting pizza and beer at Seventh Hill, we sauntered down Pennsylvania Avenue past the Library of Congress

IMG_0979to the Tidal Basin.

IMG_0984I hadn’t strolled here for years, and I didn’t remember what a glorious view it was looking up toward the capitol.

IMG_0987I hadn’t  ever paid attention to the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial on the west side of the capitol. On the south side is the infantry

IMG_0985facing a tableau of the cavalry on the left

IMG_0988with General Grant in the middle.

IMG_0986After stopping briefly at the National Gallery’s East Wing too close to closing time for anything other than a pee break

IMG_0990we walked past the Museum of Natural History on our way back to the metro.  I couldn’t resist photographing the beautiful prehistoric looking plantings outside.

What a fun way to spend an afternoon.  I have to remember to sightsee near home more often!

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