Technology for My Trip to SE Asia

So, its two hours until I leave for the airport and six hours until takeoff. I’ve packed, repacked, weighed my luggage, stuffed my purse, and printed out all of my documents. I’ve cleaned the house (I hate coming home to a place that feels icky) filled the cat feeders, done the laundry, paid the bills and fired off some last minute work stuff. I’ve taken a nice long soak and gotten into my travel clothes.

I have just enough time to write this post about what technology I am taking. So here goes:

Canon Rebel Eos Rebel XS DSLR camera with the kit lens (18mm – 55 mm) and a Canon telephoto (55mm – 250mm). This camera is an oldie but a goodie, and all I need as an amateur.

Joby SLR GorillaPod tripod with ball head

Canon battery charger

3 8GB Sandisk SDHC cards (I like the smaller ones because I don’t reuse them but keep them as backup after downloading into Lightroom 5)

1 card reader to IPad connector

IPad 4 with retina display, 16GB

IPhone 4

Chargers for the IPad and IPhone

Eagle Creek kit containing worldwide universal adaptors for any and all circumstances

Earbuds ( I don’t have fancy headphones, although I’d like to)

RFID passport cover and wallet (these protect against folks scanning electronic data while merely walking past)

Tunnelbear VPN (virtual private network software) to be used on the Iphone and the Ipad.

Sewing kit

Eyeglasses repair kit

Rhodia 5 X 7 notebook with pocket


Lock for my backpack

I think that’s it!! You can follow my journey here and on Instagram @farmhousebythefalls

Bon Voyage!!

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