Fruits and Vegetables of the Season

I got an e mail from my local organic grocer with information about the four kinds of turkeys I can pre-order and the gluten-free pies that will be available. That means that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. But before I start thinking of stuffing, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes with gravy, its time for other kinds of fall favorites. I needed a reminder about the difference between a fruit and a vegetable. From the Mayo Clinic:

According to botanists (those who study plants) a fruit is the part of the plant that develops from a flower. It’s also the section of the plant that contains the seeds. The other parts of plants are considered vegetables. These include the stems, leaves and roots — and even the flower bud.

The following are technically fruits: avocado, beans, peapods, corn kernels, cucumbers, grains, nuts, olives peppers, pumpkin, squash, sunflower seeds and tomatoes. Vegetables include celery (stem), lettuce (leaves), cauliflower and broccoli (buds), and beets, carrots and potatoes (roots).

So, this beautiful cauliflower from my CSA is a vegetable, and my pumpkin is a fruit.

Mr D. made a delicious stir fry with fresh leeks, the cauliflower, some vegetable broth and curry spices (before the New York Times article warning that lots of spices from Asia were contaminated with all kinds of yuck.  We clearly have survived regardless).

Here’s to hearty fall eating, as beautiful as it is yummy.

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