Stanton NJ Station


The train station in Stanton (the tiny part of Lebanon where my dad lives) has a colorful if unnerving history.  You can read about the nine hour ordeal of a Mr. Cannon in 1896 here. The station has been closed for many years, but while visiting this weekend I’ve heard the train whistle tens of times as it roared through.  It’s a comforting sound —  not close enough to be disturbing, but loud enough to evoke adventure and the movement of people and goods across the vastness that is this country. You can see a freight train roll through this bend and hear the whistle here. Here’s a piece of its history courtesy of the Hunterdon County Department of Parks and Recreation:

The Stanton Station Section is named after the passenger and freight train station that was once located a short distance away. Passenger service at the station was discontinued in the late 1930s and the station was abandoned. The building was purchased in 1943 by Robert and Hermia Lechner for $75 and transported to Echo Hill for use as a dining hall for their summer camp. The 1880 bridge near the parking area is one of the earliest metal truss bridges in Hunterdon County. It is unique because of its trussed floor beams that mirror the configuration above. The County acquired most of this land in 1975 as part of the South Branch Reservation. Today, the reservation totals over 1000 acres. Besides providing recreational opportunities, the reservation helps preserve the watershed along the South Branch of the Raritan River.

It’s been a trip down memory lane!!

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