Old School Foods of My Childhood


I’m visiting my elderly father in Lebanon, New Jersey and this morning he asked me to cook up some scrapple for him.  Having foresworn mammal meat, let alone the kind of animal parts that make up this Pennsylvania Dutch staple — scraps — as in yucky pork stuff that isn’t good for anything else, I was happy to oblige him but not to share in eating it.  His weekday homemaker doesn’t know how to cook it (and maybe thought it was gross!).  I remembered that it needed to be floured and then pan-fried in butter until browned, but I looked on Google anyway to see what was recommended.  Indeed, my memory was correct, except often this pork product was pan-fried in lard or bacon fat — what a cholesterol bomb!  Some people serve it with maple syrup, but we always ate it with ketchup.  Dad was happy with his scrapple, one egg fried over easy, cider and homemade banana bread.  I was happy with coffee and the leftover apple cranberry pie we had for dessert last night.  I think I’ll leave scrapple on the scrap heap of memory.  If you are interested, here is a link that tells you just how gross scrapple is:  http://dsc.discovery.com/tv-shows/dirty-jobs/videos/scrapple-maker.htm

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