The snow is gone and thoughts of summer beckon . . . .

I’ve always loved the iconic Unikko Marimekko fabric, first sold in 1964 and still going strong (see Crate and Barrel’s new version).  Perhaps my favorite is the  pink/red . . . or maybe blues

Marimekko Cotton Fabrics                       Marimekko Unikko Periwinkle/Mint Throw Pillow - Click to enlarge

I’m also currently coveting these converses:

Marimekko Pink/Orange Unikko Converse Shoes - Click to enlarge

And these wool blankets for the guest room twinsMarimekko Unikko Raspberry Blanket - Click to enlargeMarimekko Unikko Black/Grey Blanket - Click to enlarge

I really like the raspberry for that room, and the black and grey for . . . well, that dream NYC pied a terre, sigh.

But what I already have, and got as part of that sweet Marshall’s haul a few months back, is this (minus the chick inside it):


And after yesterday’s snow and today’s melt, I can’t wait to wear it!

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