Developing a Personal Brand

I’m inspired by Fixing it Fancy’s 60 pieces of clothing challenge, which you can read about here. (I know, kind of ironic after my previous post about scoring big at Marshalls). And, another blogger who is working on minimalism, Kathleen of Jeremy and Kathleen just traveled to the Alt Conference with only a cute backpack with three outfits in it.  But, with the consolidation of Mr. D’s stuff with my stuff, and with my imminent move from working where I have to dress up every day to blogging in my bathrobe, I am also motivated to weed, weed, weed. I spent most of Sunday reorganizing my clothes in the one bureau I have allowed myself.  A bit of Container Store and Homegoods magic helped:  drawer organizers and nice new drawer liners with a verbena scent made this a pleasurable event. One big goodwill bag later I felt so much better.  The new rule is that each time a new thing comes into my wardrobe an old thing goes out.  And NOTHING remains that doesn’t express who I am right now, not who I have to be to please anyone else. Now that my new camera has arrived, I hope soon to show pics of my choices!

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