Vacationing With the Pooches

In addition to trying to finish up as much of the kitchen spruce-up as possible, combating the godawful heat we have been having in DC, and rehabbing an injury sustained last winter (that’s for another post —  I’ll share with you my adorable but evil personal trainer Casey) . . . I have been researching pet friendly lodgings for the trip up to Maine to begin next Thursday.

I wish these were my pets:

Lilac and Olive as seen in Country Living

but I think they would be hard to travel with! Unlike this pooch:

no one is leaving me behind!

So I found a wonderful website called Bring Fido to avoid this problem:

Notice the pooch in the far backgraound . . .

And instead have this kind of vacay:


Once we get to our cottage all will be well.  I’ll let you know where we spend the night on the way.

One thought on “Vacationing With the Pooches

  1. Those pigs are adorable! It would be cool to have a dog as a travel companion…cats don’t travel so well. Though sometimes we talk about buying a little used airstream and taking our cats on the road…

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