Kitchen Window Casing

It occurred to me that I should have the window and door casing redone before I painted the floor, so this morning Mr. R stripped the old casing and measured for the new, which will match what is in the rest of the house (at least what has been put in by me — the old casing is different in almost every room, sometimes with two profiles in one room! — Gotta love old houses and their quirks . . .).

From this:

window after the old flat casing was removed

To this:

casing profile in the "new" old areas

More pics tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Window Casing

  1. Hi Trish!
    Nice to meet you. Found you from your comment at Janet’s. It is always something with these wonderful old houses, yes?! Can’t wait to see your new painted floor. I was thoroughly frightened by your copperhead post:O!
    Love the name of your blog; welcome to bloggy land!

    • Hi Joan! Thanks for finding me and nice to meet you. Mercifully I haven’t seen any copperheads since the mothballs. I think I’ll wear them around my neck along with the garlic from now on — LOL. Trish

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