Decluttering Redux

Wow!  what a difference just letting go makes!  My inner Red Queen went to town last night in the kitchen and my local thrift store will be the beneficiary.  Gone:  reproduction jelly cabinet, armchair with woven seat, innumerable tchochkes that lived inside the jelly cabinet.  Now the pie safe has pride of place.

Pie Safe

The wonderful Mr. R, my indispensable handyman, will be repairing/replacing the rotten floor boards and very, very soon I will have lovely new “vermont cream” painted floors. More after the jump . . .

view from the sink

I know that in the pictures the floor looks just fine, but remember, this is the area that was underneath things, and therefore not beat up.  Also, note the beadboard ceiling.  It is lovely, but it needs to be balanced out by lightness elsewhere.  The choice was either paint the floor or paint the beadboard, which seemed a shame.

PS — the mothballs are working. . . no copperhead sightings since last week. Or maybe it is just so $#%^& hot that they went back down to the river for a swim.

2 thoughts on “Decluttering Redux

    • I was going to do the diamond pattern that is so gorgeous, but now I am thinking that just the plain vermont cream (which reads a soft white) might be enough. I want a really clean look, with the pop coming from ceramics in the hutch and flowers on the table. What do you think?

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