Country Living

It has been interesting to search for painted kitchen floors as I make my decision about my own beat up heart pine (see previous posts), and to really think about how design trends and the realities of family life and finances merge (or don’t!).  So many shelter mags and design blogs feature beautiful, expensive and often sterile environments. I live in a modest old farmhouse which will always have ants in the early summer, mice in the late fall and those pesky stink bugs year round.


I have dogs, and they bring in mulch from the garden, put their dirty paws on the furniture, and regularly bury their food (or try to) under the kitchen mat.

quilts make a nice dog bed, grrr.

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Charlotte the spider and her relatives spin many a web and are a constant presence in window corners and under furniture.

this daddy longlegs has been hanging out for days on the deck door

Even though my children have grown up and have gone on to form their own households, I am still sharing my space with all manner of creatures who make my house and garden far from “magazine ready.”  This is the real Country Living !

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